recruitment process for permanent positions

Why thousands of resumes, when all you need is one candidate that fits perfectly.

Manpower® Permanent Placement

Our candidate database, which we update constantly, allows us to find employees for any permanent position. The candidates are chosen properly to best suit the needs and skills that you require. We can find you a qualified and non-qualified staff according to your requirements.
With middle-level management and top-level management, the EXECUTIVE SEARCH prevails. It is based on a targeted search and direct contact with a prospective candidate. The whole process is carried out according to the prior agreement with our client.

From the first day until the permanent placement of the prospective candidate in your company.

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Why Manpower?

  • knowledge of the local market
  • individual approach to clients
  • an extensive database of prospective candidates
  • a possibility to use the international ManpowerGroup network
  • coverage of the whole client portfolio
  • consultants specializing in individual market segments
  • compensation for the candidate that leaves at the contractually agreed time (v zmluvne dohodnutej dobe)
  • verification of candidates´ references
  • presence of the consultant in the interview
  • a discreet approach when filling key positions

What does it take to find a prospective candidate?

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